Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Dumbarton Road # 2

Another fridge with a want for travel. This little fridge inspired by Jimmy Somerville and Bronski Beats Small Town Boy, has decided to move to the big smoke. He knew he was different from the other fridges from a very early stage. Now it's of to London to meet other fridges with their controls on the outside. This all sounds very exciting but the truth can be a bit more brutal. This poor little fridge will probably run out of money quickly. Then meet some big american fridge freezer that has a taste for S&M, then it will be downhill from there.

Dumbarton Road # 1

Yet another newcomer to the exciting world of outdoor refrigeration. This one looks as if it won't be here long. Standing in Particks main thoroughfare, this fridge has the look of an appliance with a lust for travel. Perhaps it only wants to wait for a bus to the city centre for some window shopping. Perhaps it intends to travel further afield, maybe even back to the factory for a family reunion. I hope it sends a postcard.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Mansfield Street

This poor Fridge has all the signs of a newcomer to the life of street refrigeration. Unusually for Partick it still has all it's parts intact. Ripe for some monster to take advantage of the unfortunate thing. God, now I'll have nightmares. If only the council would provide some sort of service that could give these wretched things the care they deserve.

White Street

One of the biggest Fridges currenty to be found on the streets of Partick. This actually bears the title of Compact Combi. This must be the Fridge equivalent of buying a size 16 from Evans. Whats wrong with being a big fridge? Say it loud! I'm big and I'm proud! Anyway bigger fridges usually have more meat.

Gardner Street

Another two appliance street. This time though, I think they come as a pair. Like a mother and child thrown onto the street. This little and large duo seem in quite good condition. I think they may even still have worked. How did they get here? Could they have been discarded by some heartless owner, perhaps moving to a new flat with built in appliances. How could they do it? I don't know how they can sleep at night. Their new Fridge has probably been about a bit. Hope they catch a dose of Salmonella. Cheating shits.

Rosevale Street

Most streets would consider themselves blessed to have just one fridge, but not Rosevale Street. Yes that's right. Rosevale Street has two Fridges. Not only that. One of the fridges has decided to do some voluntary work and act as a dustbin. What makes these people think they're so special? I bet they think they're a cut above the rest of the streets in Partick. Bastards!

Crow Road

The Oliver Twist of Fridges. A poor little soul reduced to living on the streets. No door, no compressor. This unfortunate thing has obviously been living rough for some time. Left upside down with only it's icebox intact. It breaks my heart to see one of the little ones suffer in this way.